What's on?

The grass roots movement for climate action is growing and so much is happening. Keep up to date on upcoming news and events by subscribing to our monthly e-Newsletter and watch our Home page calendar. Here is also the right place to find out about our monthly meetings.

Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle is famous for its bi-monthly event: Climate in the Pub, We invite speakers on a wide range of subjects to give a short talk followed by a Q&A ssession. Topics have included "Heaven and Earth", "Batteries and better" , "Can we sue?", "The fight against fracking", "Beyond Climate Grief" and many more.

Meetups are CCBR's brainstorming sessions with members that take place in alternate months between Climate in the Pub speakers. They are a chance to meet other members, and discuss plans for upcoming activities or campaigns. Everybody is welcome to attend and contribute their thoughts.

In CCBR's Event Calendar we list events organised by nearby groups as well as CCBR's own program. And we also add relevant conferences and talks. If you are keen you can add CCBR's Google Calendar to your own calendar and never forget. Here's how! Alternatively, bookmark our home page and click on our calendar to check the climate agenda.

Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle posts regularly on social media platforms Facebook and Twitter. Visit the live feeds on this website or follow us.

Covid-19 meant that many organisations started to hold their meetings and talks online. Many of them have continued to do so even as face-to-face meetings are starting to be possible once more. You can now experience a calendar full of webinars featuring leading thinkers, scientists and political figures from Australia and all around the world. Many are recorded and made freely available for viewing on-demand. We include links to a small selection of them here.