Our campaigns

How we act

As a grass-roots community group, not aligned with any political party, Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle is able to respond to the issues that our members want to take action on. As long as these issues are in line with our vision and values, we can speak up on behalf of our members to decision makers in politics, administration and corporate Australia. The campaigns might be local, state-based or national, and our lobbying may take the form of letters, submissions or meetings. We often work with other like-minded organisations. 

We also speak out to our community, informing and listening. You may see CCBR supporters handing out flyers, postering, collecting petition signatures, or surveying locals, about issues from coal mining in Sydney's water catchment to local government elections.  We welcome your help as these come up.

You can see our ongoing campaigns, both past and present, by following the links below. For activities as they arise, our newsletter will give you monthly or fortnightly updates, and our forum email group is the opportunity for members to suggest actions or raise discussion points.