What's on?

The grass roots movement for climate action is growing and so much is happening: how to find out about events in good time can be a bit hit and miss. CCBR's activities revolve around our Diary which we keep up-to-date with details of any events we organise and those of other groups that we support and recommend. There is no shortage of ways to keep in touch.

Check the diary

The world is changing fast and time waits for no one. Find out about events happening locally by following CCBR's Event Calendar. If you are keen you can add CCBR's Google Calendar to your own calendar and never forget. Here's how! Alternatively, bookmark our home page and click on our calendar to check the climate agenda.

Follow CCBR

Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle posts regularly on social media. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or click to visit the live feeds on this website.

Take a webinar

Our regular live meetings: Climate in the Pub and Meetups; are on hold while the COVID-19 is sorted out, but the online activities that have take their place for the duration are almost more amazing. You can now experience a calendar full of webinars featuring leading thinkers, scientists and political figures from Australia and all around the world. Many are recorded and made freely available for viewing on-demand. The world has suddenly become a smaller place.

Experience Climate in the Pub

Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle is famous for its bi-monthly event: Climate in the Pub. Unfortunately CitP is temporarily suspended because of COVID-19 but it will return! In the meantime, you are free to serve your own drinks during any online seminar, but don't forget the responsible serving of alcohol!

Hang out at a Meetup

Meetups are CCBR's brainstorming sessions with members that take place in the Climate in the Pub "off-months". As with CitP our Meetups are having a holiday because of physical distancing regulations.

Climate news

Click to view an automated RSS feed of current news stories about climate change from reliable news sources.

News archive

Click to view our archive of significant NSW, national and international climate change news on the old CCBR website - going back to 2017.

A bit of history

Click through for the story of Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle