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On this page you will find ongoing campaigns Climate Change Balmain Rozelle has supported - and may return to.

We don’t want a gassy future

The Senate is inquiring into the Australian Government’s response to coronavirus and we’re asking them to dig into the activities and gas industry links of the unelected National Covid-19 Coordination Commission (NCCC). It is vitally important that the NCCC's gas industry connections do not hijack the opportunity for a renewable energy-led recovery.

We asked Senators to look into this unelected business Commission to make sure the coronavirus recovery is led by the fast growing strength of renewable energy and not the unsustainable gas industry

Rio Tinto - leave the Minerals Council

Australia is on the frontline of the climate crisis, and our government urgently needs to take action to protect our communities by moving away from coal, oil and gas, to 100% renewable energy.

The Minerals Council, an institution of fossil fuel lobbyists, have been blocking policy and influencing Australian politics for decades, undermining any chance at the safe climate future we deserve. We need your help in weakening this group, to limit their ability to undermine action on climate change.

Our supporters asked Rio Tinto at its AGM on May 7 to leave the MCA

Lloyds - don't insure Adani

Adani are having trouble finding a company to insure their disastrous Carmichael mine. Now they are trying to recruit one through the Lloyds of London insurance marketplace.

Can you add your voice now and call on Lloyds to rule out insurance of the Adani mine and all other new coal projects? Goal of 10,000 signatures is almost met!

We asked Lloyds of London to play no role in finding insurance for Adani.

A Blue Mountains free of coal mines

Underground coal mining has already killed many rare wetlands on the Newnes Plateau in the western Blue Mountains. Now Centennial Coal wants to reopen an old mine and dig further under the swamps and streams that feed them.

Submissions to NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment on the Centennial coalmine closed 5pm, Tuesday 28 April.

Inner West Council says "don't frack the Never Never"

Inner West Council (together with a group of other councils) is a customer of Origin Energy. We want these councils to tell Origin their customers have a dim view of fracking in the Northern Territory. We developed a Fact Sheet containing the key information and a sample letter to Council.

Update: our community petitioned Inner West Council and got an outcome! Inner West Council and three others have requested "that Origin Energy cease all plans to conduct fracking in the NT and elsewhere due to its impact ... and commit to further investment in environmentally and socially sustainable renewable energy projects". Still a long way to go on this campaign, but for the moment this project may be on the back foot.