Who we are

Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle is an independent community group in inner west Sydney, promoting local and nation action to reduce fossil fuel use, increase the adoption of renewable energy, and head off catastrophic global warming. 

Founded as a collective of local parents in the mid 2000s, the group is now an incorporated body with over 1,000 supporters.  

Our vision 

We aim to help create a world much less reliant on fossil fuels, particularly coal, heading off the greatest catastrophe now facing humanity: global warming. 

Our mission

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions locally and nationally by providing governments and the public with the means and the motive to take the necessary action. 

To inform people about the dangers of climate change, to speak out against the ongoing use of fossil fuels, and to champion the growth and development of renewable energy sources. 

Core Values

*At election time . . .

While Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle is outspoken on all aspects of climate change action, and seeks to influence political thinking as well as public opinion, we are very conscientiously independent of all political parties. So we don't endorse any individual candidate - even an independent - as to do so would put us into the position of backing one candidate against another, as distinct from backing one policy over another.

In previous elections, for example, we have provided information that compares the climate policies of each candidate, but stops short of recommending one over another.

Our Committee

 Angela Michaelis [Immediate Past President] is a retired editor and former broadcaster. Living in western Sydney for many years, she helped run an award-winning native plant nursery, wrote about indigenous plant species, and served on a catchment management committee. Returning to live in Balmain and concerned about the impact of the world's greatest 21st century threat, she joined Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle in 2013. She's also a volunteer bush carer. 

Tamara Winikoff [Committee Member] has worked for 40 years as an arts advocate and commentator, organisation leader and academic, achieving some positive changes to cultural policy, funding and legislation. With growing concern that global warming is the most serious existential threat ever faced by humanity, she joined Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle in 2020 to work with others to try to pivot towards hope.  

Tina Smith [Secretary] is a retired social worker who worked in the area of permanent care and adoption mostly within the non-government sector. Living in Balmain for the past 50 years, she believes in community action and has been involved in environmental issues, particularly, over many years. She joined CCBR in 2014. 

Derek Bolton [Treasurer], a Balmain resident since 1980, is retired from a career in computer communications software.  He specialises in maintaining our Science and Technology web pages and writing submissions on state and federal government proposals.  "The details are complex, but the basic science is straightforward: we've put enough carbon back into circulation to disrupt the climate. Besides, going renewable will save billions each year. It's a great investment." 

Tim Hand [Committee member] joined the CCBR committee in 2021. Throughout a career in education and technology, Tim has always been committed to environmental causes, recognising the importance of formal education and the role of the media in understanding environmental issues. He believes in grass roots movements as the key catalyst for change.    

Ruth Ferrington [Committee Member] has a social work background and is a strong believer in the power of grass roots community action as exemplified by CCBR and its work in taking action on climate change. Ruth joined CCBR in 2020 .

Janet Burstall [Committee Member] completed a Master degree in Political Economy since retiring from work as a librarian and information manager. She wants to help develop wider understanding of how we might replace the principle of Return On Investment (aka profitability) in order to achieve faster emissions reductions. Janet also aims to draw on her experience as a union delegate and socialist to deepen alliances for climate action, locally and beyond.  

Dominic Case [Public Officer] is retired from technical and communications/policy roles in the film industry and has lived in Balmain for twenty four years. After reading Tim Flannery's The Weather Makers he realized that its message was complex, important and urgent, and determined to become more active. He joined Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle in 2009. Dominic publishes CCBR's e-newsletter and has developed CCBR's social media.