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Community scale batteries webinar

Community-scale batteries are located in front of the meter on the distribution network and may be owned by community energy groups, networks, retailers or other parties.

They promise substantial cost savings for networks and electricity consumers alike. And some interesting regulatory challenges, too.

Brought to you jointly by:

  • Energy Security Board

  • Battery & Grid Integration Program - ANU

  • Ausgrid

  • Total Environment Centre

Register here to hear the webinar held on 21 May 2020 (and be notified of others that may be held in future).

Recent months have seen the COVID-19 pandemic emerge as a global crisis requiring immediate, wide-spread and evidence-based action. As countries have taken drastic measures to curb the spread of the virus, comparisons have arisen between the global response to COVID-19 and climate change.

A critique of the parallels and disconnects between our understanding and responses to COVID-19 and climate change, featuring leading climate scientist, Prof Mark Howden. Mark will frame the series and delve into what the pandemic and responses to it have revealed about the relationships between science, politics and policy and how this may - or may not - inform new approaches for dealing with climate change.

11 Jun 2020 12:00 PM

Bushfire update

The recent bushfire crisis has brought the worst impacts of climate change to the forefront of people’s minds, and the impact this is having on our communities, economy, wildlife and health is immeasurable.

Many people around the country are asking questions about how we can be better prepared and prevent this bushfire season from becoming a terrifying new normal.

Climate Council CEO, Amanda McKenzie and Emergency Leader for Climate Action, Greg Mullins, discuss the current bushfire conditions, as well as the recovery efforts, and our national response, which must include a credible climate policy.

6 May 2020

Meet and learn online

COVID-19 has put a temporary hold on physical meetings, but that doesn't prevent us from hearing from leading authorities on the impacts of climate change and how counter it. On the contrary, it literally opens up a world of opportunities to tap into fascinating webinars featuring leading thinkers - regardless of timing and location.

Here we link you to the webinar: A Renewables-Led Economic Recovery, organised and recorded by the Smart Energy Council on 6 May 2020.