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On this page you will find ongoing campaigns which Climate Change Balmain Rozelle is supporting. 

Climate Change Balmain Rozelle communicates and coordinates with other environmental campaigning organisations to select areas where we can engage our own supporters in effective actions. 

Move Beyond Coal

NAB #NotAnotherDollar for Whitehaven Coal

To initiate the Move Beyond Coal campaign, CCBR joined with 59 other teams across Australia to target NAB branches with the message to ‘Stop Funding Coal’.  Our branch was at Five Dock. 

We wrote to the Manager and for 6 weeks members stood outside the Branch with placards and leaflets with our message to staff, customers and passers-by.  

This culminated in a nationwide Week of Action and we staged a lively demonstration outside the branch on Wednesday 9 November, then joined an online rally to coincide with NAB's AGM in Melbourne. 

Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle (CCBR) joined with other community groups across Australia in the Move Beyond Coal campaign to pressure NAB to stop funding new coal projects.

Why does this campaign matter? 

Australia and Indonesia are the world’s largest exporters of coal and coal is Australia’s biggest contribution to climate change. The science is clear, and it tells us that for a 50% chance of keeping global warming to levels below 1.5 degrees C,  95% of Australia known coal reserves must stay in the ground.

Unbelievably there are currently 69 proposed new coal projects across NSW and Qld and in particular Whitehaven Coal plans to double its already large coal production.

Australian Banks are helping to fund these new coal projects and of these NAB is making the largest contribution.

Watch this video on Australia's problem with coal 

Update: Move Beyond Coal is planning its 2023 campaign. Subscribe to the CCBR newsletter or check our Diary to hear about new activities. Meanwhile ...

What you can do

Keep the pressure on the NAB to keep coal in the ground!  

A letter or email to a bank’s head office, especially if you are a customer or shareholder, is an effective way of pressuring the bank.

Climate Action Now: visibility!

Two thirds of Australians rate climate change as an important issue when they vote – including a majority in every seat in Australia. Many of them want a simple action to show their support for strong action on climate change.

Something like a simple physical sign. 

Why does this campaign matter? 

People sometimes think they are on their own in their concern about our climate crisis. In a busy world with new issues coming up, and with a press sometimes influenced by fossil fuel interests, it’s also possible for climate action to be pushed aside by other issues. As we approach the next election, this visibility campaign aims to keep the issue front of mind for both voters and political representatives, and to create a space where people can feel confident about raising their voices for action.

in 2022-23 Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle has partnered with the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), the Nature Conservation Council (NSW) and other non-aligned action groups to get signs onto front fences, into windows, onto cars – anywhere where individuals and households can show they are more than ready to see real action.

Thousands of these rolled out across Australia in time for the 2022 Federal Election. Now it is the turn to remind NSW political candidates that we continue to call for real, urgent action in the decade to 2030!

What you can do

Don't forget to give a thumbs up to anyone you see displaying the sign!

If you would like a sign to display at your home, email us at ccbalroz@gmail.com with name and contact number to arrange pickup in Balmain. In the Subject line, write "CAN sign".

Next car ...an EV

The CCBR EV working group aims to 

Although our primary target is fully electric EVs, we also consider alternative transport solutions (hybrids, e-Bikes, scooters, etc).

Why does this campaign matter?

Transport is Australia's third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Sydney’s Inner West Council aims to make Council’s own operations carbon neutral  by 2025, and for community emissions to reach zero by 2050.  While many residents in this Local Government Area would like to see more EVs (including bikes and scooters), we have identified some unique barriers to their uptake. CCBR is working to provide awareness-raising and support for addressing these barriers and facilitating both resident and commercial EV use. 

Some perceived barriers 

Some questions are answered in our downloadable fact sheet:

read our EV FAQ sheet     or  download PDF

   * Inner West Council support strategy
  **Federal govt support (tax break)
  **NSW govt support (cash rebate)

What you can do

We need your input!

We'd love you to share your war stories or EV experiences (even if you suffer from EV envy). Or your ideas, or questions. At any time, if you have something to say about clean transport, please feel free to contact us by email at ccbalroz@gmail.com

Join our new Facebook Group: Sustainable Transport for the Inner West for regular updates and discussion.  

EV charging across the pavement

How to do it - legally.

If you have an EV and you park on the street outside your house, you might need to run a charging cable from your house across the pavement. To do so legally, you need to get a (free) permit from  council. One CCBR member (in Inner West Council) did just that - and here is how he did it.