Our campaigns

As a locally-based grass-roots community group, Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle can engage most effectively on local climate issues. At the same time, we support a selection of wider issues. For example, we might at any time choose one local topic, one state-based campaign, and one Australia-wide issue.

CCBR's more active members are experienced in engaging the local community by way of producing and handing out flyers, collecting petition signatures and surveying local people, as well as arranging meetings with local politicians at all levels of government.

Since the start of the Covid-19 restrictions, campaigns have largely moved online: sometimes support is as simple as supporting a petition, phoning a minister's office or contacting the head of a polluting company. Sometimes there are more innovative calls for action.

CCBR members also work on more detailed submissions to relevant government enquiries.

As opportunities arise, campaigns will once again see more physical demonstrations of support for key issues, such as rallies. CCBR plays a prominent role in promoting these activities within the Inner West community in the weeks leading up to actions.

Action on climate change needs to continue as long as those in power are driven by objectives that conflict with those of a clean planet and a safe climate. Our record of recent actions shows the areas that we continue to be active in.

In earlier years, Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle has focused on a range of different activities, ranging from fund-raising for solar panels on local schools to encouraging local cafes and restaurants to keep food waste out of greenhouse-gas-emitting landfill.

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