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Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle is possibly best known for its bi-monthly event: Climate in the Pub. At present we are meeting via Zoom, but everything else is the same: join us from 6.45 for 7pm on the second Tuesday every even month for an informal and informed discussion. You will need to register.

We'll have a guest speaker or two for the chosen topic. Subscribe to our Event Calendar, Newsletter or watch out for our Climate in the Pub posters on light poles in the area for more details. For the full authentic experience we can even be persuaded to let you help us put the posters up!

On the day, pour yourself a drink and maybe some food, listen to the experts, ask them questions and share your views.

Tuesday 11th August at 7pm: Solar Gridlock?

The grid wasn't designed for input from millions of domestic solar panels. What needs to change so it can take advantage of this source of electricity?

Guest speaker Hugh Saddler is the author of a book on Australian energy policy, Energy in Australia and over 50 scientific papers, monographs and articles on energy technology and environmental policy. He is recognised as one of Australia's leading experts in this field.

Wednesday 10 June: Dual Crises: Covid-19 and Climate Change

Our most recent talk by Dan Gocher from the Australian Centre for Corporate Responsibility was a first for Climate in the Pub. More than thirty people had Climate in the Pub delivered to their homes on Zoom. Dan's talk, complete with slides, went without a hitch and was very well received. It's now up on YouTube so you won't need Zoom to watch and the glass of wine is optional!

Watch the video:

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