CCBR - full membership

As a member, you are eligible to vote at meetings and serve on the committee. But most importantly, your membership fee supports:

  • CCBR's outreach program to the community, such as printing flyers

  • CCBR's information services for our supporters, e.g. costs of putting on Climate in the Pub

  • CCBR's participation in other organisations: Climate Council of Australia, Climate Action Network Australia, Nature Conservation Council NSW...

  • the boring but necessary bits like insurance and PO Box rental.

Please complete this form if you wish to join CCBR as a full member, or if you are renewing your membership.

Your membership runs for one year: we'll send you a renewal reminder a month before it's due.


CCBR - email forum

Full members of CCBR will be subscribed to our ccbr-forum email group for the exchange of ideas, information, feedback, etc. about the group and other climate change activities. It's easy to participate, and just as easy to unsubscribe at any time.

If you wish to join ccbr-forum without becoming a full member of CCBR, simply click here. Once your request to join the forum has been accepted, you will be able to read and post comments.

CCBR e-newsletters

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