Dear editor . . .

One way of keeping climate change in the news, and fostering informed discussion about current issues, is by writing letters to the paper. Members of CCBR do so regularly - some occasionally get published.


July: To SMH re Coalition's push to subsidise new coal

Dear Prime Minister: do you have a mandate to use taxpayers’ funds to build new coal-fired power stations (‘‘PM backs cheaper power’’, July 12)? Better check with us first. - Janet Simpson, Glebe

July: To SMH re ACCC's report calling for new "firm" power stations 

July: To SMH re IPART's halving of Solar feed-in tariff 

June: To Josh Frydenberg re Adani attempt to avoid impact assessment on huge increase in water take

April: To SMH re Canavan's attack on lobbying by Green groups 

March: To The Oz re how domestic PV saves others more than the subsidies cost 

Jan: To The Oz re subsidising electric vehicles 


Oct: Letter to the board of the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund (NAIF)

MayTo The Oz, responding to a call for new coal fired power stations in NSW  

Feb: To SMH responding to four climate Furphies

FebTo SMH: Stop Westpac funding Adani coalmine 

FebTo SMH: Climate Security is paramount 

FebTo SMH re Scott Morrison's parliamentary stunt with coal lump 

JanTo SMH; If US backtracks from climate action we need to do more, not less


NovTo SMH re Electric Vehicles and fuel excise 

Oct: To SMH re opinion piece blaming wind farms for SA power outage 

OctTo The Oz, on why international activism against Aussie coal is justified

Jul: To SMH: Canavan fails to understand risk management 

AprTo SMH re $7bn tax breaks to mining 


Sep: To SMH; IPART undervalues PV feed-in by ignoring lowered peak demand 

Apr: To SMH; Gov't's ERF thinks 100 years is forever 

Apr: To SMH re Greg Hunt's flunked math