Doesn't GreenPower cost more?

Yes, green power does cost more.  If the consumer demands electricity from clean renewable sources (sun, wind, water) then suppliers need to go create them. 

If we concentrate on using less - then the cost of clean energy is not so onerous. Simple changes around the house can halve our usage - so even with an increase in energy costs we can still come out in front.

This Government website links to all NSW providers offering 100% Green Power:

As at July 2015, approximate additional charges for 100% Green Power (inc GST) include:

 Provider  +c/kWh  Greenness
 5.0  8.6
 Diamond Energy
 4.5  8.5
 Red Energy
 5.8  6.0
 Lumo  5.8  5.9
 4.0  5.7
 5.5  5.1
 Energy Australia
 5.2  4.9
 dodo  6.6  4.9

Or... install your own PV.  Leichhardt Council is a member of SSROC.  SSROC's Our Solar Future website is a good starting point.

*As assessed by the Green Electricity Guide