Oops! We were so busy in April that we missed out sending our regular e-Newsletter. Anyway, here is the May edition. Our big campaigning focus has been the Stop Adani campaign.

You might have seen us at Orange Grove Markets or elsewhere. We've also made detailed submissions to several government reviews of climate issues, including the Finkel Review of the National Energy Market, the Greater Sydney Commission's draft plan, and the Federal Review of Climate Policy. Huge thanks to those who contributed, but most especially to Derek and Angela for their awesome work on these. See what we've said here.

Meanwhile, we are looking in detail at our online and social media presence with a spring (autumn?) clean for the website getting under way, and some new initiatives on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Special thanks to Rob and Jemima for getting this going. Follow us on Twitter at @ccbalroz..



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Climate-Change Balmain-Rozelle


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Tweet: #I'mVotingClimate because #fossilfuel pollution costs too many lives @alboMP @tanya_plibersek #auspol #climate pic.twitter.com/Zbd1bhHhOb




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