Our Vision

Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle's vision is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions locally and nationally by encouraging residents, businesses and schools to switch to green energy.We aim to help create a world which is much less reliant on fossil fuels, particularly coal, thus heading off the greatest catastrophe now facing the earth,that of global warming.

Our Mission

An important part of our job is to speak out against the ever-expanding coal industry in Australia, the massive CO2 emissions it pumps into the atmosphere and the dangers that poses. We seek to provide a counter-balance where it is required to the lobbying that our politicians and economic leaders receive from the vested interests who are seeking to maintain  financial gain from the coal industry.

We say NO to a future fueled by coal, and will assist local residents to do the same by creating and highlighting opportunities for everyone to take up effective, affordable green energy options.

Our Philosophy - inform, expose and enable

We are a non-partisan, apolitical group which is firmly rooted in the local community. We believe our greatest chance of success will come from inspiring people to act in their own backyard, more readily identifying with and owning both the problem and its solutions.

We believe that small steps can lead to big changes and we hope to set an example for other communities.

Our approach is to inform people about the dangers of climate change, expose the links between the rampant fossil fuel industry and the lack of genuine commitment to building the 'renewables' industry, and enable everyone in the community to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and speak out to call for rapid transition to a clean energy economy.