Letters and submissions from CCBR

 CCBR makes formal submissions on a range of political issues, at both state and federal level. In addition we write to local State and Federal MPs and ministers, on relevant issues. We encourage individual members to do the same.


May: To The Oz, responding to a call for new coal fired power stations in NSW  

May: CCBR's submission to IPART's review of NSW PV feed-in tariffs 

May: CCBR's submission to the Federal Review of Climate Policy Discussion Paper 

Mar: CCBR's submission to the Greater Sydney Commission's Draft Central District Plan

Mar: CCBR's submission to Finkel review of NEM 

Feb: To SMH responding to four climate Furphies

Feb: To SMH: Stop Westpac funding Adani coalmine 

Feb: To SMH: Climate Security is paramount 

Feb: To SMH re Scott Morrison's parliamentary stunt with coal lump 

Jan: To SMH; If US backtracks from climate action we need to do more, not less


Nov: To SMH re Electric Vehicles and fuel excise 

Nov: CCBR's submission to the Senate Inquiry into Coal Plant Closure 

Oct: To SMH re opinion piece blaming wind farms for SA power outage 

Oct: To The Oz, on why international activism against Aussie coal is justified

Oct: CCBR's submission to the NSW Rocky Hill Coal Project 

Oct: CCBR's submission to Standing Ctee re ratification of the Paris Agreement

Aug: Albanese re ARENA cuts

Albanese's reply - 29Sept16 (pdf)
Albanese-we reply - 29Sept16 (pdf)

Aug: To NSW Energy Minister re upcoming COAG 

Jul: To SMH: Canavan fails to understand risk management 

Apr: To SMH re $7bn tax breaks to mining 

Mar: CCBR's submission to Mark Butler on Labor's climate policy 

Feb: CCBR's submission to NSW EPA on Container Deposit Scheme


Nov: CCBR's submission to M4 East Environmental Impact Statement 

Sep: To PM calling for stronger commitments on emissions (208 signatures)

Sep: To SMH; IPART undervalues PV feed-in by ignoring lowered peak demand 

May: CCBR's review of Leichhardt Council's Sustainability Strategy

Apr: To SMH; Gov't's ERF thinks 100 years is forever 

Apr: CCBR's submission on Post-2020 Emissions Targets

Apr: To SMH re Greg Hunt's flunked math 

Mar: Response from Mathias Cormann, agreeing Hunt lied

Jan : To Greg Hunt regarding cost of abatement under the Carbon Tax


AprCCBR's submission on Modelling Assumptions for RET review

Feb: CCBR's submission on the Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper


Feb: CCBR's submission on Leichhardt Municipal Council's Climate Change plan


Oct: CCBR member's submission on NSW Draft Renewable Energy Action Plan

Mar: CCBR's Submission on Draft NSW Planning Guidelines: Wind Farms

Mar: CCBR's Submission on Draft Energy White Paper

JanCCBR's Submission on IPART's Draft Report re Solar Feed-in Tariff for NSW


Dec: CCBR's Submission on the CEFC's Mandate 

Sep: CCBR's Submission on a Fair Solar Feed-in Tariff for NSW

Aug: CCBR's Submission on Draft Exposure of Clean Energy Bill

April: CCBR's submission to NSW Planning and Infrastructure's 2011 Proposed Coal & Gas Strategy (no longer online).

Mar: Sen. Minchin re climate denial


Feb: CCBR's Submission to Senate Inquiry on The Social and Economic Impact of Rural Wind Farms is number 310 (a PDF file) 


Jan: Submission on The Treatment of 'Solar Credits' Renewable Energy Certificates under the RET is here.


Apr: Submission to Department of Climate Change's Exposure draft of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme legislation

Oct: Submission to NSW State Government's Major Infrastructure Planning, Bayswater B Power Station Proposal. The response can be found here.

Oct: Submission to NSW State Government's Major Infrastructure Planning, Mount Piper Extension Power Station Proposal.The response can be found here.


Sep: Submission to Federal Government's CPRS Green Paper


May: Post 2006 Election to NSW ministers





Mar: NSW State Election campaign 2006