Who is Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle?

Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle is a collective of local parents and residents who have come together out of mutual distress over Australia's excessive greenhouse gas emissions and the world our children will inherit.

The group is an incorporated body with an email list of nearly 800 supporters.  Here are the present committee members and some of the other more active people in the group.

Dominic CaseDominic Case [President and Public Officer] is retired from technical and communications/policy roles in the film industry and has lived in Balmain for eighteen years. After reading Tim Flannery's The Weather Makers he realized that its message was complex, important and urgent, and determined to become more active. He joined Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle in 2009. Dominic liaises with other climate action groups, publishes CCBR's e-newsletter and has developed CCBR's social media.  

KateKate Marcus [Secretary] has been working as a chef for 30 years and is keen to find a solution to the green waste generated by kitchens and which gets sent to landfill. She believes Australia's energy future lies is using renewable energy, and by joining CCBR she has been able to work towards these goals.  


Derek BoltonDerek Bolton [Treasurer], a Balmain resident for over 30 years, is retired from a career in computer communications software.  He specialises in maintaining our Science and Technology web pages and writing submissions on state and federal government proposals. 

"The details are complex, but the basic science is straightforward: we've put enough carbon back into circulation to disrupt the climate. Besides, going renewable will save billions each year. It's a great investment." 

Kim Zegenhagen [Committee member] joined CCBR in 2014 when he became increasingly concerned by the way Australia is turning its back on the vitally important issue of climate change. Relying on government to do the right thing is not going to work. He believes community action is the only way forward.


Angela Michaelis Angela Michaelis [Committee member] is a retired editor and former broadcaster. Living in western Sydney for many years, she helped run an award-winning native plant nursery, wrote about indigenous plant species, and served on a catchment management committee. Returning to live in Balmain and concerned about the impact of the world's greatest 21st century threat, she joined Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle in 2013, and is convenor of its Waste Group. She's also a volunteer bush carer.

Image Unavailable Michael Johnson [Committee member] sees Change as the new "Business as Usual". Currently managing a transformational change project in the media sector, he is a former journalist and production editor who has worked in Australia, South Africa and Portugal. He joined CCBR in 2013 and is currently the organiser of the group's regular Climate in the Pub meetings.

RobRob Garnsey [Committee member] worked in information technology roles for a large media company in an era when typewriters were replaced by computers and publishing was transformed by the World Wide Web. While no stranger to rapid change Rob believes we cannot carry on with business-as-usual. "If the human population has tripled to 7.5 billion and atmospheric C02 leapt from 314 parts per million to 407 my own lifetime, we need to make some very significant changes or hit the wall".

Past members

We would like to acknowledge the past work and continuing support of Alison, Sabina, Fiona, Sue and Lucy, and more recently Neil, Steve and Gavin, and in particular our immediate past president Jenny Curtis