Campaigns you can support right here from your desk or your phone  

The Climate Council suggests  Five climate actions you can do from your bedroom.

From upskilling yourself on the science, to having meaningful conversations with your friends about climate impacts and solutions (via video calls, of course!).


Things you can do to reduce your footprint (and save money!)

52 Climate Actions

The actions fall into three categories: those to reduce your carbon footprint (mitigation); those to help you cope with the effects of climate change (adaptation); and those that aim to change your mindset (thinking differently). 

Try these for starters:

Where to explore and learn more about aspects of climate change

The Climate Council has an on-line book club, meeting every three weeks. Download a climate-related book before the online meeting, and hear from the authors and others on the day.

First event on Wednesday April 15 at 6:00 PM is 'The Future We Choose', by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac. Speakers will be Amanda McKenzie and Tim Flannery. 

The Climate Council also offers a wonderful range of simple and informative videos, podcasts or papers, on topics ranging from bushfires to EVs, from gas to land clearing; and much more.

Educate yourself with 350.org's Skillups.

Become an expert on climate change and social change, and learn the actions you can take to help. A series of interactive learning programs. 

 For example: 

  • Having Climate Change Conversations: Practice a simple, four step process to convince someone to act on climate change, . . .
  • Climate Change Science 101: Learn to think like a scientist in order to understand and explain the causes of climate change . . .


CSIRO has a magnificent resource centre at Climate Change in Australia with a wealth of professional level information about all aspects of climate change.